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River ice thickest in decades

just rotating them around, Bravatto said.

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Discount Palladium Boots

Discount Palladium Boots

the heaviest (it's been) in the last 20 years . I don't know officially about that, but that's what I hear. Coast Guard cutter Hollyhock was damaged last Sunday morning while breaking ice in northern Lake Michigan.

The Mesabi Miner reported a 12 inch crack in the bow about four feet above the waterline.

Winter came early this year to Sault Ste. Marie and area residents, with sub zero temperatures throughout December and snow piling up unusually high compared to recent years.

The 225 foot sea going buoy tender Hollyhock, homeported in Port Huron, Mich., was rammed from behind by the Mesabi Minier, a 990 foot freighter. Both vessels were damaged but able to continue.

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The Mesabi Miner was to unload its cargo in Gary, Ind., where damage assessments were to be completed.

took a crew out yesterday (Wednesday) and some groceries out the day before. There's nothing different about it, nothing unusual, Purvis said Thursday.

The sustained cold has also caused thicker ice than usual to develop in the St. Mary's River and Great Lakes Region, which has slowed traffic in river and shipping channels in recent weeks.

The Hollyhock proceeded to St. Ignace, Mich., and is currently undergoing a complete damage assessment.

Cutters include: the Bristol Bay, from Detroit; the Mackinaw, homeported in Cheboygan; the Biscayne Bay, out of St. Ignace. The Mobile Bay, from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, is working the Mackinaw Straits area.

The Hollyhock suffered significant damage to the stern and fantail, as well as two punctures in the hull about 20 feet above the waterline.

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He agreed ice is exceptionally thick this year.

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been putting in a lot of hours working these boats through. Typically we don't see this amount of ice for this time of year. said the ice is probably thicker than it has been the last Louis Vuitton Mens High Top Sneakers

few vessels have been delayed for about a day while waiting for cutters to clear a path through the one to three foot ice, but general delays Discount Palladium Boots have been than that. been putting a cutter on everybody, Bravatto said Thursday afternoon. having our assets out there working the vessels along as they become stopped . Palladium Baggy White

No pollution or injuries were reported and neither vessel reported any flooding.

pretty much been handling each delay on a case by case basis, said Justin Bravatto, a Sault Ste. Coast Guard.

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You try to get a convoy together and take everybody at once. service has four ice breakers working in the area, which is more than usual for this time of year, Bravatto said. And they've been busy.

Discount Palladium Boots

Discount Palladium Boots

Discount Palladium Boots

30 years. most ice we've seen in this area, as far as in the river. heavy ice has not hindered Purvis Marine Ltd. tugs from plying the St. Mary's River. Jack Purvis, owner of the local business, says his ships have ferried crew, and in one case supplies, out to vessels that had been delayed in the river. But those trips weren't made because ships had been delayed for an unusual length of time.

The Michigan Sault locks will close Jan. 15, which means traffic to Lake Superior will ceases for the season. Limited shipping traffic will continue in other areas.

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Discount Palladium Boots

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