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Other than the "little" attendance problem, the Battalion are a model of junior franchise stability.

sort of.

After he was elected mayor, Bob Kilger, who coached the 1981 Memorial Cup champion Royals, expressed interest in finding a "major" tenant for the LumDome.

The team has the same coach and general manager, Stan Butler, that it started with 13 years ago.

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A couple of seasons later the chance to move Palladium Boots Baggy Zip

Hunt, like Melnyk and Abbott, isn't using the club to put bread on the table.

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Prada Sandals Mens

The rumourmongering is fuelled by an 8,000 seat arena being built in Milton without a major tenant.

However, at the last minute Melnyk stepped up to the plate, promised the good Fathers that if they sold to him he would keep the team in the old rink with its 1,400 seats on the school campus.

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to the modern Hershey Centre with more seats trumped sentiment.

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The Battalion are winning on the ice and losing at the gate. Attendance last season for 34 OHL regular season games was 71,000. This season crowds are around 1,600 and change.

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He is Scott Abbott, co creator of the Trivial Pursuit board game.

As somebody put it, "The only way the Battalion will leave The Bunker (name of rink) is if Scott Abbott suddenly departs this earth and his heirs sell the team."

ready to jump off the Peace Tower.

At about the same time, the huge rink side cavity was filled in with hundreds of seats, correcting a design flaw.

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It's a great rink for major junior hockey. However, having the seats and filling them could be a problem.

Rumour has OHL team looking at Cornwall

The scuttlebutt has Brampton Battalion on the move next season.

Attendance is down in Ottawa too (down meaning to the 4,500 range) but 67's owner/successful businessman Jeff Hunt isn't Lacoste Shoes Model

Those are the same numbers that chased the Royals out of town.

He lives in the Brampton area and a couple of years ago was inducted into the Brampton Hall of Fame.

Abbott sounds like a guy who doesn't lose sleep over a dip in attendance. Those kind of losses are chump change.

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Well, Lacoste For Women Shoes

However, the big difference is that the Battalion owner has deep pockets . very deep pockets.

Unlike Eugene Melnyk, who owns the Mississauga Majors (and the Sens, of course), who seldom attends games at the Hershey Centre, Abbot is a huge fan. He's at almost every home game and takes the occasional road trip with his team.

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It made him a multi millionaire. toymaker Hasbro bought it for $80 million.

Another rumour has Melnyk thinking about moving his Majors, possibly within earshot of his Senators.

Just when it looked as if we would get through a hockey season without rumours flying in every which direction about the Ontario Hockey League returning to the LumDome, up they pop in internet chatter.

Again, while the Majors are not filling up the Hershey Centre, Melnyk isn't strapped for meal money and has a sentimental tie to the Majors, the team he played for when they were called the St. Michael's Majors.

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When the Catholic priests who owned the team decided to get out of the hockey business, a group of investors (none from Cornwall) had Prada Sandals Mens the inside track on purchasing the club and moving it to the LumDome.

Abbott used some of his millions to buy a stable of race horses and an OHL franchise.

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