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"The process of dialogue had begun, only it was drowned out by the sound of shooting from automatic rifles of Russian production," he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the Ukraine crisis in a telephone call and stressed the importance of "effective international action" to reduce tension, the Lacoste Red Shoes

"It turned out that the food contained a substance that induced sleep among the servicemen," the acting head of Mariupol criminal police department, Alexei Paniotov, said.

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

Police in the eastern port of Mariupol said pro Russian rebels posing as sympathisers had presented soldiers at a checkpoint with gifts of food.

ODESSA, Ukraine Pro Russian militants stormed a Ukrainian police station in Odessa on Sunday and freed nearly 70 fellow activists as the country's leaders lamented a police force they said was widely undermined by graft or collaboration with separatists.

"In these regions . there are whole structures working together with the terrorists," Turchinov said in a television interview, employing the term Kiev applies to anti Kiev militants who have set up Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots strongpoints in a string of eastern towns. "This is a colossal problem."

There was renewed diplomatic activity on Sunday.

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

Friday's clashes were the deadliest since Moscow oriented president Viktor Yanukovich was forced to flee in February and pro Russian militants launched uprisings in the industrial east. They also marked the first serious disorder far to the west of those eastern areas, heralding possible trouble for Kiev.

The Seventh Kilometre is an open market on the edge of Odessa, associated in the popular consciousness with the corruption and black market business that have blighted Ukraine's 23 years of post Soviet independence.

Some officers were offered the black and orange St. George's ribbon, a Russian military insignia that has become a symbol of the revolt, and were cheered by the crowd of several hundred.

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

activists died in a blaze at a building they had occupied after Ralph Lauren Trainers High Tops

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

As rebellion simmered, questions were raised about the ability of the army as well as police to confront insurgents.

People hold a huge flag depicting multiple flag colours during an anti war rally at Independence Square in Kiev March 23, 2014. (REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Kremlin said on Sunday.

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Answered: 7 questions you have about the situation in Ukraine

Militants chanted "We will not forgive!" and "Russia!" as they smashed windows and broke down the gate at the compound two days after over 40 pro Russian Lacoste Pink Sneakers

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

Russians storm Odessa police station

Outright civil war in Ukraine and the division of a country the size of France would have serious implications for countries around, not least for Russia and for NATO states bordering it.

NATO commanders have warned that Russia might hope to control a swathe of southern and eastern Ukraine, including the annexed Crimea, all the way to the border with Transdniestria.

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Germany's foreign minister said he was pressing for a second international conference at Geneva to bring Russia and Ukraine together with the United States and European Union to settle the dispute. Moscow and Kiev accuse each other of wrecking a four way accord to end the conflict signed at Geneva on April 17.

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clashes with pro Kiev groups.

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

Friday's deaths occurred after running clashes, involving petrol bombs and gunfire, between supporters and opponents of Moscow on the streets of Odessa, where the majority of people speak Russian.

Turchinov said Russian special forces were working with success to destabilise Ukraine, helped by "guest stars from Transdniestria" a breakaway territory in eastern Moldova, 50 km (30 miles) from Odessa, that hosts a Russian military base.

Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, speaking in the Black Sea port, was pointedly critical of the Odessa police: "If the law enforcement system in Odessa had worked not exclusively on the 'Seventh Kilometre' and had protected people, then these terrorist organisations would have been foiled," he said.

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

Women's Palladium Pallabrouse Black Boots

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