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Palladium Boots Hiking

Palladium Boots Hiking

Palladium Boots Hiking

Palladium Boots Hiking

LIVE ON SKY SPORTSBrian Rose v Max Maxwell, British light middleweight title

Palladium Boots Hiking

"One of the problems that we've got in sport is that we train and we train on a physiological basis, it's all ingrained. Then we've got this bit of brain, the conscious which says: 'I think you should think about this for a minute.'

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Palladium Boots Hiking

Rose, now 27, is honest about the Lacoste Slip On

trouble he had in dealing with the part he played in the injuries to Rushton and how it affected his Palladium Boots Hiking performance in his next bout with Maxwell.

Palladium Boots Hiking

of winning the British title since I was nine years old, so for me to win one is amazing.

ProudJames is equally proud of their work together, and was delighted to be present when her client was crowned British champion.

Those around Rose credit James for turning the fighter's life around at a time when he was considering quitting the sport.

told Ringside: "For some reason, that night (against Maxwell), I just didn't feel right. I was petrified. I had the shakes. I can usually control my nerves I can now especially but that night there was something wrong.

Rose said of his therpay sessions: "It made me realise that I had serious problems and as we went on with hourly sessions at a time, she made me realise that it wasn't my fault. It was boxing and it was business. I've dreamt Lacoste Gazon Slip On Mens

HelpRose sought councilling for the problems he faced and eventually turned to psychological performance specialist Emma James.

Palladium Boots Hiking

Brian Rose will step into the famous Winter Gardens in his hometown of Blackpool on March 31 looking to even the score with light middleweight rival Max Maxwell.

Rose on the rise

She told Ringside: "I was ringside and he was right over by me. I could see it in his face that he was completely and utterly focused and, honest to God I was nearly in tears. It was absolutely marvellous.

Palladium Boots Hiking

That fight came in the midst of dark days for Rose, who underwent therapy sessions having been involved in a bout with Jason Rushton six months previously that saw the Doncaster fighter rushed to hospital and placed in a drug induced coma.

"I was absolutely devastated that I could do that to someone (against Rushton). As much as I could do that to someone, it could happen to me. I'm not known as a concussive puncher or a big puncher, so to do that to someone really scared me."

Rose currently holds the British title having snatched a split decision over Prince Arron just before Christmas, but feels he has a score to settle with Maxwell, who beat him via sixth round technical knockout in the summer of 2010.

Palladium Boots Hiking

"You've got all this in the conscious and some of those techniques are about how to stop all that happening so that you can access your optimum performance and let your performance flow. You can really focus."

"I love boxing again. There was a time that I fell out of love with boxing but this time I'm going to be there mentally and he's going to get the shock of his life. I will show everyone in Britain that I deserve to be the British champion."

Palladium Boots Hiking

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