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Saturday's parade marked the start of Louis Vuitton Mens Shoes 2016

they have a band with country music I'll be dancing on the street, she said.

Musicians take note. Knopp was keen to kick up her heels to some country music during the hour long parade.

her Rotaryfest experience. After watching the parade with her daughters, Maygine, 8, Theia, 5, aunt Anthea Fazi and grandmother Barbara Poling, Paquette planned to head to festival central at Clergue Lv Shoes Women 2016

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker


Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

fun. I enjoy it.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

The parade drew 65 entries, 45 of them floats. Algoma Univeristy Pipe Band made its parade debut decked out in summer attire of shorts and T shirts.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

Knopp may have been disappointed. Community Day Parade offered six bands, but groups such as Royal Canadian Legion Drum and Trumpet Band and Sudbury's Blue Saints, didn't fall under the country genre.

Weather, 18 C with just a few clouds in the sky and a light wind, was right, said parade marshal David Marshall.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

The former spot has its practical advantages. It's the perfect location to scoop up leftover candy when parade participants pitch their sweet treats.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

While Knopp sported green hair for Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker the day, Corey Paquette was in for the longer haul with her light blue, purple, orange, white and turquoise locks.

She enjoys associated with the Sault's summer festival.

colours, the fun, the festivities, the smiles, the fact that everybody is happy, said Paquette.

The clothing designer has colored her hair for about 14 years.

great to celebrate the fact that they come from here, and their humble beginnings," said Holmberg.

a lot of work to do, but it's always nice to see the kids, how much fun they Prada Heels Black

the colours of the floats. Lots of people wear rainbow hair ties. They have rainbow clothing on. It's really festive and fun. was Poling who suggested the family move from its traditional vantage point on Queen Street East between Dennis and Gore where the parade ends to Queen and East.

She topped those fashions with a pair of fluorescent green novelty glasses over her regular eyewear.

She warmed to a decision to fete Brad Jacobs and his rink, winners of the 2013 Tim Hortons Brier, as parade marshals. Broughton Trophy in June.

Amanda Holmberg has caught 16 parades in her 22 years.

last couple of years it's been pretty hot so that kind of wears people down a bit, he said.

have with it, said Marshall. Some people, he said, return to the city specifically to watch the summer show.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

Her daughter in law, Diana Wilson, blended into the crowd a little easier.

always something new and exciting. It's a community thing."

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

Rotaryfest 'really festive and fun'

thought the beginning would be the best, said Poling.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

"I like the energy, she said.

Knopp, a long time parade goer, had no problem finding the wardrobe she started to wear to Rotaryfest's signature event in 2012. Now if she could just get her family members to follow suit.

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

Prada Casual Camouflage Sneaker

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