Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

"I have sheep who are very, very quiet, who mow the grass and weed eat and fertilize, too," said Goudelock, whose family has 14 chickens, 10 rabbits, two dogs and two sheep 2 year old Daisy and Daisy's daughter, 9 month old Maisie.

Fox said it could take at least six months to make any changes, if the County Commission decides to move in that direction.

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Goudelock, a resident of west Cocoa, couched her proposal as one that has environmental benefits, as well as allowing people to be more "self sufficient and self supporting."

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

joined by several supporters.

It is too small for her to request the property be rezoned for agricultural use. It also is too small for the County Commission to grant a conditional use permit Lacoste Shoes For Men New Arrival

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Under Palladium Boots Mens Fashion Goudelock's proposal, residents in areas zoned "rural residential" would be allowed to own as many as four horses, goats or sheep for every acre of property. The rule would apply only to unincorporated areas of the county. She plans to present her proposal to the County Commission on Tuesday.

allowing sheep or goats under its current zoning, Louis Vuitton Shoes 2016 Men

Cindy Fox, the county's planning, zoning and enforcement manager, said current county rules allow sheep and goats on land zoned for agricultural use.

Goudelock said she has had individual conversations with county commissioners to discuss her proposal, and will make a formal presentation at Tuesday's commission meeting, Lacoste Chaymon Trainers

Fox said.

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Goudelock was successful in helping push the County Commission to change its ordinance to allow people to own up to four chickens for every half acrein single family, residentially zoned areas of unincorporated Brevard. Roosters remain prohibited.

Currently, people who live in rural residential areas can own as many as four horses per acre for personal use, but no goats or sheep. An exception: Sheep can be on a property for up to six months in a calendar year, if it is for a 4 H project.

Goudelock's 2 acre property is zoned as rural residential.

Now, she seeks to do the same thing in relation to sheep and goats.

Rural homeowner wants rules relaxed on keeping livestock

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

Margaret Goudelock last year helped lead the charge to persuade the Brevard County Commission to make it easier for people to have chickens on their property.

In her request to the County Commission, Goudelock touted the efficiency of sheep, saying they "graze land to a consistent, even grass length and edge along fence lines for easy, low cost property maintenance."

Palladium Boots Mens Fashion

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