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Lacoste Shoes White

a bit more get up and go then maybe I would fancy him more, but I don think he can drop out of the top four despite the result on Thursday.

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Lacoste Shoes White

Lacoste Shoes White

Taylor needs to win both of his games on Thursday or he might not make the play offs and I can see anything other than a pair of wins for The Power. He knows that if he can leave Birmingham with four points in his back pocket then then he will have a foot or maybe even both feet in the top four.

Van Gerwen occasionally has poor periods in games and if Gary can jump on those then he could get a result here. It really wouldn surprise me if he went and got a win on Thursday night but he really needs to get some Lacoste Shoes White sort of result or else he in real jeopardy of not getting in the top four. And if he can make it to the O2 Arena then he be an outside contender to win it.

Wright proved he is a class player last week because I think Thornton would have beaten 99 players out of 100. However, Snakebite stuck in there, didn worry about all the 180s his opponent was hitting and played his own game. When he got given a chance he didn miss and cleaned up the legs when Thornton missed. The form line says Wright will win this but only a stupid man would back against Lewis, because he can turn up and fire at any time. It a hard one to call.

Lacoste Shoes White

he be on a downer and I think it will be Taylor all the way in this match because of the form and he because he is capable of adapting to playing two games better than most. Chisnall isn used to playing twice in one night and I think he will lose this game.

This fixture used to draw the best out of both players and we seen some humdingers between them, but Phil Taylor seems to have the measure of Raymond van Barneveld these days. If you take the form line you back Phil, if you take past history you back Phil and if you look at the demeanour of both players you back Phil. So I can see anything other than a Taylor victory.

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player with nothing to prove and can just go for it.

Adrian has not been playing well and has lost a little bit of edge. The players all had a rest weekend last weekend, but I heard that Lewis was doing exhibitions in Scotland and therefore didn have a rest. He tends to throw the last dart away too much which is fine when you on top of things and winning games for fun, but at the moment he needs to tighten up the last dart. He is hitting too many 125s and 135s because his third dart keeps landing in the five and that needs to improve.

Rod Harrington previews Week 13 in Birmingham

Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson

Barney win over an out of form Adrian Lewis last week was the best Premier League game he played this year, but it different when he plays Taylor. As soon as Phil gets in front, Barney seems to put himself down and he lacks the bite he needs. He talks too much about his diabetes and other problems and puts himself on a low, rather than talking himself up. If he had Prada Sport Black Leather Ankle Boots

I felt Thornton was very unlucky against Peter Wright in Manchester. I commentated on the game and he barely missed the treble 20 and if he hit his doubles then he could have been 5 0 up in no time, but in the end Wright did what he been doing for a few weeks and grinded out a result. Meanwhile, Chisnall has not been at the top of his game. He has too many dull legs and I think he might get beaten by a Prada Boots Mens Shoes

Lacoste Shoes White

Robert Thornton is out of the play off race and Dave Chisnall would need to win every game and hope that other results go his way. This is a hard game to call and it one of those where I could bottle it and predict a draw, but I think Thornton might go up there and win it, especially if he plays like he did last week.

Chisnall is just not playing well and if he loses the first game then Lacoste Leather Sneakers

This is a tough game for Gary Anderson, who really needs the points. He is level on points with Taylor and if Phil wins both of his games and he loses then he could be out if it. Personally, I think Gary should worry more about catching Wright than catching Taylor because Snakebite has a hard run in against Lewis, Taylor and Michael van Gerwen. Anderson can get a point and I believe he is throwing his best darts in years then it will set him up nicely.

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