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Lacoste White Shoes Mens

Three days later, the soldiers took the group of refugees to Israeli immigration police. The African refugees were handcuffed, blindfolded and moved from place to place until they were put in a prison with other foreigners. Ibrahim told me he didn't understand why he was being treated like a criminal at Guantanamo.

But, as King Louis Vuitton Loafers White

For African refugees, the giants in the land of Israel today are state officials and a xenophobic public. Benjamin Netanyahu has announced the construction of a "holding facility" to detain Africans deep in the Negev desert until they are deported. In Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, a Sudanese refugee who works in a gelato shop was asked by an Israeli customer not to touch his cone: The Israeli didn't want to get African diseases like malaria.

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

In his "Birth of the Nation" speech, King quotes Isaiah's prophecy of the day "the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together." The Sudan People's Liberation Movement quotes Isaiah's address to the "people of the world, you who live on the Earth, when a banner is raised in the mountains, you will see it."

King's hard road to freedom runs far and wide. There's a Sudanese Lacoste White Shoes Mens refugee in Israel who's studied King's strategies, who has heard King's son speak out for human rights in Bethlehem, and who's leading Africans in their struggle for justice in Sudan and in the Holy Land.

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

And King's prophetic sermon reverberates, from Montgomery to Ghana, Jerusalem to Sudan a vision of freedom for all: "Not some white and not some black, not some yellow and not some brown, but all flesh shall see it together. They shall see it from Montgomery. They shall see it from New York. They shall see it from Ghana. They shall see it from China."

have a hardened heart of a pharaoh to confront. You have the prodigious hilltops of evil in the wilderness to confront. And, even when you get up to the Promised Land, you have giants in the land."

s words are alive around the world

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

After a year and a half in detention, Ibrahim led a hunger strike among Sudanese prisoners the kind of unyielding, nonviolent resistance he learned from studying King. After 10 days, 73 Sudanese prisoners were released.

Saadeldin Ibrahim is living a literal exodus story, a story he told me in a courtyard in Tel Aviv, Israel. After fleeing genocidal violence in Darfur, Ibrahim went to Egypt, where he faced more racist oppression. After a brutal Egyptian police raid on a Sudanese sit in, he crossed the Sinai by foot, to get out of Egypt.

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

The Egyptian police who unleashed water hoses on a Sudanese sit in and the Israeli immigration police who blindfolded Sudanese prisoners are the Bull Connors of Ibrahim's exodus story. The story of the ice cream cone in Eilat recalls the "colored" and white water fountains of the civil rights era in Alabama, as King was leading African Americans in their struggle to liberate themselves from Jim Crow.

Ibrahim was wandering in the desert, not knowing the way to Israel, praying for God to guide him. On a dark night, he would speak to the stars in the sky. He would stop and rest and read in the Quran the story of the Jews in Egypt. (Moses is Philipp Plein Sneakers Price

reminds us in the case of Montgomery and in the case of Ghana "The road to freedom is a difficult, hard road." The exodus is an ongoing struggle, says King: "Before you get to Canaan, you've got a Red Sea to confront. You Lacoste Sneaker Men

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "Birth of a New Nation" sermon in Montgomery in 1957, a month after Ghana liberated itself from British colonial rule. King begins this speech with the Exodus story, "the story of the flight of the Hebrew people from the bondage of Egypt, through the wilderness, and finally, to the promised land."

The Exodus story makes a timeless, universal connection between all who walk the long, hard road to justice. In King's words, "This is something of the story of every people struggling for freedom." And the crux of his "Birth of a New Nation" speech is struggle: "The road to freedom is difficult."

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

On his long, hard way to Israel, Ibrahim remembered Bible stories he read with his Christian friends in Sudan, verses that say the people of God respect the stranger. He thought maybe in Israel, he would get a little help, a little respect, he told me.

After finding his way across the border between Egypt and Israel, he saw the lights of a vehicle. Israeli soldiers picked him and other Sudanese refugees up, took them to their camp and gave them blankets, soap, food and water.

a prominent figure in the Muslim holy book, as is the story of the children of Israel's bondage in Egypt and deliverance to the Promised Land.)

First, many of the African Americans struggling in the civil rights movement under King's leadership were the descendants of slaves from Ghana. But there's a more timely connection: In the wake of last week's referendum in southern Sudan, Africa's largest nation is about to break into two sovereign states. South Sudan is about to declare its independence from 60 years of racist oppression by the northern government in Khartoum. The birth of a new nation.

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

What does liberation in Africa have to do with civil rights in Alabama? And what do both have to do with the Bible story of the Jews making it to the land of Israel?

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

Lacoste White Shoes Mens

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