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Here in Alabama, we have inherited a budget this year that, at best, is unrealistic. Both our Education Trust Fund and our state's General Fund budgets are based on unreliable revenue projections. Cheap Ralph Lauren Shoes Size 5

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One time money from federal stimulus dollars propped up our struggling budgets. Today with stimulus Ralph Lauren Shoes No Laces money depleted, we are left with the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in both budgets.

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Ralph Lauren Shoes No Laces

It is with great honor and great privilege that I join you here tonight in this chamber to mark another milestone in our state's history. I am humbled tonight to be addressing this joint session as your governor. As I deliver my first State of The State address, I do so with the humility of a public servant but one who has been called to a great task. And I thank you for sharing this moment with me tonight.

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education and General Fund budgets. Then we must look to the 2012 budgets, and prioritize what taxpayers can and cannot afford to keep funding.

Alabama will not look to the federal government for one time funds to prop up an already unrealistic budget. We will not look to Washington to bail us out. Tonight in our Capitol city in this chamber at this moment we take our future back!

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Robert Bentley's State of the State speech

(AP Photo/Montgomery Advertiser, Mickey Welsh)

Today we face great challenges in Alabama. Our state, like so many others in our country, finds itself at a pivotal point in time. We are at a time in our state's history when we must make difficult choices. And what we choose to do or not to do today will have far reaching effects on the future of Alabama and our citizens. But they are choices that must be made. And as your governor, called to serve our citizens, I am ready to make those tough choices.

Now, five months into the 2011 Fiscal year, what we feared is true. We do not have enough money to sustain either budget.

As public servants, we are called to put others ahead of ourselves. And I don't believe you'll find anyone with a bigger heart and desire for serving others than your first lady my wife, Dianne.

We now face a $165 million dollar shortfall in the education budget, and a $110 million dollar shortfall in the General Fund Budget.

I told you many months ago when I decided to run for governor, my highest priority for Alabama is creating jobs. That has not changed. Stimulating our economy and job creation for the people of Alabama is, and will remain, the focal point of my administration.

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Chief Justice Cobb, distinguished members of the Alabama Supreme Court thank you for the work you do, and for your service to the state.

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Robert Bentley

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We will be called on Lv Mens Shoes Price

It will be a challenge. First we must balance our current Palladium Mens Boots Clearance

I would also like to thank members of my Cabinet here tonight. Thank you for serving and for joining me in meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

" Lieutenant Governor Ivey, Speaker Hubbard, President Pro Tem Marsh, distinguished guests, my fellow public servants and my fellow Alabamians:

Ralph Lauren Shoes No Laces

Ralph Lauren Shoes No Laces

to do without. But while there are sacrifices that must be made, I can tell you we will come out on the other side of this difficult time stronger than ever.

Now there is only one thing to do. Alabama state government must live within its means. We must do a better job of prioritizing our resources to get the most out of our state expenditures.

Year after year, it has been a recurring theme in our state government to adopt a budget that must be prorated. That must change. My goal is to never present a budget to you that must be prorated. That's why the budgets I present will be balanced they will be responsible and they will be conservative.

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