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"It was a good experience to get out there, play in the CFL game, play in a real live game," said Willy. "I thought we did some good things on that one drive."

"We got what we needed to see," said Chamblin. "They played their starting offense and defense for a while and we wanted to see how some of our back ups would do."

Prada Shoes 2016

For first overall draft pick Ben Heenan it was his chance to play in a CFL game. The rookie offensive lineman admitted that he made an error that led to a sack on Durant.

Prada Shoes 2016

Prada Shoes 2016

Prada Shoes 2016

Prada Shoes 2016

In a game that they lost 44 10 it would be understandable if head coach Corey Chamblin was less than pleased. However, when he met with the media Thursday afternoon, while disappointed, Chamblin was rather positive.

The question of who will be the starting running back doesn't appear to Prada Shoes 2016 be any clearer. Brandon West didn't see much time, while both Kory Sheets and Louis Ralph Lauren Yellow Sneakers


Roughriders return after loss to B

While Willy didn't make his way into the game until later in the game, he doesn't that as him being fourth on the depth chart. Chamblin also hinted that with his performance Willy will likely see some time against the Stampeders starting defense next week.

Prada Shoes 2016

"I realize that it's the pre season," said Durant. "There's no need for anything bad to happen in that game."

Rankin both showed flashes of brilliance.

Prada Shoes 2016

Durant went on to say he was glad to have been hit a few times to get that out of the way, but he knows that if the team is Lacoste Shoes Grey

Darian Durant started the game at quarterback but didn't last long, and was the only Riders quarterback not to complete a pass. He said he would have liked to have seen more playing time, but understood Cheap Mens Prada Shoes Uk

"I need to sharpen up my tools also," said Durant.

"You don't to just cut guys off of practice, you want to see how they can play in a game," said Chamblin. "Some guys showed it's a little to big for them, so we got to move on from there."

Prada Shoes 2016

"It took me a little while to settle in, but once I did I think I played alright," said Heenan. "Technique was a little slow coming along, and just knowing the plays. Those few plays that I did get just repetitions being in a game scenario will go a long ways."

going to improve on last year he will have to be better.

That evaluation is crucial for the Riders in case some of their starting players start missing games as the season goes on.

Prada Shoes 2016

It wasn't until the fourth quarter when the Riders finally found the end zone, capped off by a stellar one handed catch by receiver Jason Chery.

Quarterback Drew Willy made that pass and was easily the teams best quarterback Wednesday night.

Chamblin was also pleased with the play of some players, but he wouldn't single out any players, for playing well or not. He did say that some guys' time with team is likely up.

"I think they're going to have a difficult job to find out who's the starting running back," said Sheets. "We all do things well, very rarely any mistakes."

Prada Shoes 2016

Prada Shoes 2016

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