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But even in the NBA playoffs, things are rarely so cut and dried.

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

of them are soaking up big minutes, Casey said. they weren young guys, if that wasn Lacoste Shoes High Top

think he has shown a little up and down ness his whole career, Nurse said. kind of came in and told Case I expected some pretty bad games from him but some really good games, as well. That kind of who he has been. I still think he shake free. I mean, he got in foul trouble in the first game. (In Game 3), I thought he made two great moves to start the game and the jumper went in and out and the layup rolled out. I thought that might have turned the tide, but I still expect him to deliver one or two huge blows in this series. Ross teammates are behind him.

Since the departure of Rudy Gay in the seven player deal with Sacramento, Ross has been an evolving player. Some nights, he has been in lockdown mode on his defensive assignment, as when he took on Paul George with great success earlier this season. Other nights, he has been a scoring machine, like the night he dropped 51 on the Los Angeles Clippers.

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Ross decision looms large

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

it is, it tougher, but a big part of the reason we here is because of their play, Casey said. not blind to the fact that they are our future and the only way we going to learn is to go through it. The amount of time might be a little shorter, but they got to get out there. Nurse, who Casey leans on heavily to devise and implement offensive sets for the team, said learning to live with what Ross gives you is something everyone on the team has done, and will do.

our future, our direction, they probably wouldn be in there with some of the mistakes they making. But, they our guys and they got to learn. It their first playoffs, I expect most of their mistakes. We going to ride with them Palladium Hiking

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

In Casey eyes, living with some mistakes by Ross and even Valanciunas, who has been putting up numbers in his first playoff experience, is just the cost of building a team that can compete for years to come.

still the same Terrence, DeMar DeRozan said when asked how his struggling young teammate was handling it all. all understand everybody is not going to have their best nights. We all understand that. Our job is to keep everybody confidence high. Amir, Terrence, they understand what at stake in this next game and they going to definitely come through for us. Casey does decide to steal a few minutes at Ross expense, it would be one of Landry Fields or John Salmons who would likely benefit.

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Head coach Dwane Casey did not rule out a change, but he certainly sounds like a guy leaning towards keeping Ross as his starting small forward.

in those situations. as the series gets down the crunch time, Casey admitted maintaining that attitude gets harder and harder. What keeps him going back to the pair, apart from a desire to get them some seasoning, is the fact that they played a big part in making this playoff experience a possibility.

still going to look at that, Casey said Saturday following a film/strategy session at Pace University, just Grey Prada Trainers Womens across the bridge from Brooklyn. decision hasn been made, but we will look at it. Right now, we don want to do anything drastic. Again, we are in a position if we make a couple of free throws (in Game 3) it a tie game in the final minute. I don want to do anything drastic. It not panic time, but we do have to look at that position and get more productivity out of that spot. three games and almost 64 minutes on the court, the Raptors second year player has a total of 23 points. Throw in the fact that his defensive cover, who has been Deron Williams for most of the series, is averaging 20 plus points a night and you can see why the question about a change would come up.

Reading between the lines, that long term approach will remain the case going into Game 4 against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night. Ross minutes might be cut, but the belief is he will still start alongside Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas.

Going strictly by the numbers, there is little doubt Terrence Ross should be looking for a seat on the bench when Game 4 starts tonight.

opened the door to the discussion and may yet suffer the consequences for an anemic offensive output through three games in the series. He gone from cold to bordering on frozen shooting just 3 for 16 for the series for a tough to carry 18.75 shooting percentage.

But in between, there have been nights when the Raptors have put up with mistakes of youth and mistakes of inexperience and basically sucked it up to keep a young guy they believe will be part of their core in the future progressing.

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

Grey Prada Trainers Womens

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