Black Prada Trainers Mens

Black Prada Trainers Mens

Black Prada Trainers Mens

Black Prada Trainers Mens

you were out this month, a former Royal Mail senior manager spoke to BBC Radio Nottingham and made some surprising claims on this issue. Well done posties for walking in all weathers Black Prada Trainers Mens to deliver my Christmas Palladium Boots Mens Sale

Black Prada Trainers Mens

After receiving a note through his letterbox stating that an expected parcel was unable to be delivered, Lincoln resident Kraeg Davis took to reviewing his CCTV footage, and was somewhat surprised at the result.

There are always a few lazy people which grab the headlines and pull everyone else down with them. and its happened to me where bad postie does not attempt delivery. we are getting more and more people in work but its not because of lazy otherwise they would not go out to work its because they hate people and love money .

gifts!December 19, 2013 at 7:20pm

After some confusion as to why he missed the delivery, Kraeg reviewed the CCTV footage, which appears to show a man approaching the front door of Kraeg property armed only with a Royal Mail headed note.

Black Prada Trainers Mens

postmen and women are instructed to make every effort to deliver mail to customers first time. If this is not possible because they are not at home when we attempt to deliver an item that needs a signature or is too large to fit through the letterbox, it can be redelivered.

even nice enough to close my letter box very carefully so I didn hear them.

Black Prada Trainers Mens

Mackenzie Louise Runner:

can arrange a redelivery free of charge on a day that is convenient for them, or we can deliver the item to a different address within the same postcode area. This service can be arranged by calling the number on the card we leave."

Black Prada Trainers Mens

spoke with Royal Mail at 8am this morning. Their only response was it would be re delivered on Saturday. Nothing other than that, and no reference number even though I asked for one.

posted the CCTV video on my Facebook page as several of my friends in Lincoln have complained about the same issue. Updated statement: A Royal Mail spokesperson said on December 20: "Royal Mail is investigating this particular case and we have visited the customer today.

Mackenzie Louise It not every single one! You can stereotype every postman/woman because of these people being lazy! Some do a great job!

delivery at 7.20am, on December 19, and heard no knock on the door or ring of the bell.

Black Prada Trainers Mens

Kraeg, who lives on Moorland Avenue, was at home during the so called Philipp Plein Spike Shoes

Black Prada Trainers Mens

Royal Mail fail to deliver in Lincoln

Kraeg Davis said: didn knock, ring the door bell or even have the parcel in their hand. They were Cheap Prada Mens Shoes Uk

Royal Mail Slip left for Kraeg Davis: Photo: Kraeg Davis

Black Prada Trainers Mens

December 20, 2013 at 7:58pm

Black Prada Trainers Mens

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